Sometimes it is Not Easy as Busy Moms to Remember our Details for our Physicians

Sometimes it is not easy as busy moms to remember our details for our physicians.

The other night a friend asked me for a referral for an ophthalmologist for her son, and I recalled that I have one that I use for myself and a separate one for my daughters. Scouring for contact information, I started searching in my phone and found myself frantically searching for the information to no avail. I was trying to remember their names and phone numbers. I felt frustrated.

How do you keep track of your physician contact information? Wouldn’t it be nice and easy to be able to access and share this information from one place? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a mobile feature to flag important numbers within a practice?

We need immediate and easy access to our family’s physician contacts.

We need a structure to keep track of physician contact information across health systems that can be filtered by family member/specialty.

Health Genie offers this structure. It allows us to organize our family’s physician contact information across all of our important health systems and practices. It helps us filter the information by family member and specialty.

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